A guide to designing new institutions

This toolkit offers a framework for thinking about the design of new organizations — whether at the level of a region or city, a nation, or at a transnational level. We welcome comments, critiques and additions.

We have created this guide as part of TIAL’s broader program of work to help with the design of new institutions needed in fields ranging from environmental change to data stewardship and AI to mental health.

This guide covers all the necessary steps for creating a new organization:

  • Preparation
  • Design (from structures and capabilities to processes and resources)
  • Socialization (to ensure buy-in and legitimacy)
  • Implementation

A quote from the author:

“The toolkit was done partly because there wasn’t such a thing already out there. It provides a way, in a highly structured form, to help a team or a group or a committee who’ve been charged with designing a new institution to think through all the design choices, to widen their menu of options, and to be more systematic. I hope it’s useful.” — Sir Geoff Mulgan

Special thanks to Eva Martin.